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What’s the "Tiger l'osmose" contest ?

Tiger l'osmose is a seo contest held by the viral contest. The goal of the Tiger l'osmose competition is to rank the highest for the exact search term "Tiger l'osmose" in Google organic rankings april 1, 2006. You can find other seo contests like "Spationaute Troglodyte".

The rules of the Tiger l'osmose contest

The Tiger l'osmose contest is held by the viral contest, a company who have made a SEO tool. The inscription is free and is opened to all people. The inscription closure is fixed at March 15, 2006. In order to count the official candidates, the inscription is obligatory on the form envisaged for this purpose.

For the inscription with the sweetstakes Tiger l'osmose, please provide an email validates to be able to be contacted for the handing-over of the batches. The goal of the contest is to manage to position a page Internet in first position of the search engine Google. The page of result presented will play the role of referee, i.e. that it is this page of reference which will determine the winner on April 1 with 12H00 (metropolitan French Hour). Gaining will be the participating one which will appear in first position of the natural results. The sponsored bonds will not be taken into account.

No rule of disqualification is envisaged.

The addresses of the participants will be preserved only for the duration of the contest and will be destroyed with its resulting. They will be used within the framework of Data-processing law the "and Freedoms" of January 6, 1978. You thus have constantly a right of access, of correction or cancellation of your address.

The participant is declared responsible for information seized in the form of inscription. Thus, the editor could not be worried about the data that it posts emanating from the seizures of the known as form.

The winner will see himself informed his victory by the editor the week following the end of the contest. The batches offered will be distributed as soon as possible to the participants by respecting the order of the final classification. Thus the first will choose its batch, then the second will choose among the remaining batches and so on...

The batches of the Tiger l'osmose contest are available on Internet. and can evolve/move thereafter.

The editor commits himself providing a forum of discussion to meet the other members and thus to exchange bonds and councils in any kind. In addition, as an organizer, it will publish on the forum of the notes on the evolution of the sweepstakes which is succeptibles to interest you.

The editor remains with free constantly to change the rules for some reasons that it is. In the case of a corrigendum of rules, you would be warned with the address indicated and you will have to accept it again.

The particpation with the contest involves the acceptance of your share which the editor can use the URL of your field for the promotion of the contest on the supports partners. The inscription with the contest by the means of the form implies the full agreement of the rules without possiblity of dispute.

TO BECOME THE BEST Tiger l'osmose


Contact Tiger l'osmose

You can contact Tiger l'osmose by e-mail: tiger-l-osmose@wanadoo.fr, to make him share of your remarks and suggestions. You could join the list of Tiger l'osmose in osmosis, because Tiger l'osmose is always looking for partners to play!

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